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Best Amazon Eyeshadow? | Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Dupes

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Let’s be real, we all love amazon and makeup. Many of us have contemplated buying unknown makeup brands off of amazon. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant myself. So I began researching amazon eyeshadow brands and found one I felt confident in trying. The brand I found was: UCANBE. This cosmetics brand almost seemed too good to be true. Their makeup is super affordable and well rated. They are the 3rd best rated eyeshadow brand on amazon. (

I have been testing this brand for a few months now and I am in love. Their eyeshadows perform well with great color payoff. They are super pigmented and blendable. The only downside I found was that some shimmers really had to be built up, but the outcomes were still amazing. On the other hand some shimmers were so creamy and beautiful. I love the shimmers in the Bubble Nebula palette! Below I have included photos and swatches of my top 3 palettes from UCANBE. Plus my favorites all happen to be dupes of palettes made by Huda Beauty.

If you’re interested in purchasing from UCANBE, use code “LAURENKIMLER” for 15% off your order!

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Ucanbe Cosmetics: Aromas, Twilight and Dusk, and Bubble Nebula. Huda Beauty Dupe for: Mercury Retrograde, The New Nude and Huda's Rose Gold.

The First Palette: Aromas is $9.99 on Amazon and $13 on UCANBE, A dupe for Huda’s The New Nude palette $72.79.

Ucanbe Aromas. Dupe for Huda The New Nude

The Second Palette: Twilight & Dusk is $9.84 on Amazon and $9 on UCANBE, A dupe for Huda’s Rose Gold palette $58.99.

Ucanbe Twilight & Dusk dupe for Huda's Rose Gold

The Third Palette: Bubble Nebula $8.99 on Amazon and $15 on UCANBE, A dupe for Huda’s Mercury Retrograde palette $57.97.

Ucanbe Bubble Nebula dupe for Huda Mercury Retrograde

This brand doesn’t only have Huda dupes though. Their dupes include: Urban Decay, Kat Von D, MAC, Lime Crime, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Overall, I have grown to love UCANBE and definitely recommend them. This brand is so affordable and surprisingly amazing quality. Seriously a hidden gem for makeup lovers.

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