Discounts for Students | 25 Deals For College Students

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It’s that time again, back to school we go. Unfortunately many of us may not get to actually go back to school right now, and instead will learn from home. Since you may be stuck at home with more time on your hands and end up online shopping, here are some discounts for students to help save you money.

I find discounts on a few sites such as Unidays, SheerID, and Student Beans.

Let’s get into the deals!

1. Amazon Prime: Free 6 month trial and only $6.49 a month after trial ends.

2. Spotify Premium: Free 1 month trial. Includes Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime for $4.99 a month after trial ends.

3. Apple Music: Free 6 month trial with access to Apple TV+ and only $4.99 a month after trial ends.

4. Grubhub: 20% off orders over $10

5. Amazon Music Unlimited: Only $0.99 a month to add onto your prime membership.

6. 10% off

7. Ray-Ban: 25% off sunglasses

8. American Eagle: 20% off your purchase

9. Evernote Premium: 50% off a full year

10. GoPro: 25% off your purchase

11. Adobe Creative Cloud: 60% off, only $19.99 a month.

12. Verizon: $10 off 1 line or $25 off 2 lines of unlimited.

13. Youtube Music Premium: Free 1 month trial, then get 50% off, for $4.99 a month

14. Youtube Premium: Free 1 month trial, then get 40% off, for $6.99 a month

15. Microsoft Office: Free for students

16. Converse: 20% off purchase

17. Nike: 20% off purchase

18. SiriusXM: $1 for first 3 months and then only $4 a month after

19. Pandora Premium: Free 2 month trial and then $4.99 a month

20. SoundCloud: Free 1 month trial and then $4.99 a month

21. Best Buy: Sign up for a Best Buy account and add student info for various deals

22. LastPass: Free 6 month trial

23. You Need a Budget: Free year trial

24. Autodesk: Offers more than 50 free softwares such as 3D design

25. Homework Planner: Free Printable that includes a homework planner and assignment tracker

Let me know if you’d like more discounts for students or other college posts!

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