10 crime documentaries on netflix
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10 Crime Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

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Are you looking for some crime documentaries or docuseries to watch? Keep reading! In this blog post, I will list 10 crime documentaries that can be watched on Netflix. Click here if you are looking for more lists of shows and movies to watch on more than just Netflix!

1. Unsolved Mysteries

This docuseries covers it all! From missing people to murders to paranormal encounters.

2. American Murder: The Family Next Door

This documentary examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her children.

3. Catching Killers

This docuseries shows the effort behind solving serial killer cases.

4. Why Did You Kill Me?

In this documentary Crystal Theobald’s family uses social media to track down her killer.

5. I am a Killer

In this docuseries inmates on death row admit to their murderous crimes.

6. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

This documentary shows the hunt for a serial killer in LA in 1985.

7. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel

This documentary dives into the disappearance of Elisa Lam.

8. Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer

In this documentary, they dig into the murders of women in the 1970s in NYC.

9. Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

This documentary shows 16-year-old Cyntoia Brown being sentenced to prison after killing the man that bought her for sex.

10. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

In this documentary 3-year-old, Madeleine’s disappearance from her family while on vacation is talked about.

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