20 Ways You Can Reduce Your Eco Footprint

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It’s time we all make changes to help our planet. Below I have listed 20 ways you can make changes in your everyday life to reduce your ecological footprint. This link has a short quiz you can take to estimate what your footprint is.

My ecological footprint is 3.7 global hectares. Everybody on Earth would need an ecological footprint of 1.7 global hectares for us to live sustainably. Here are 20 changes you could consider, as well as links to products to help you make the changes.

1. Use professional car washes. Switching to professional washes rather than washing your car at home will help you to save water.

2. Bring your own cups everywhere. Whether you’re going to coffee shops, or even fast food restaurants. Many coffee shops even offer discounts for bringing your own cup or mug. My favorites are the stainless steel tumblers, as well as the stainless steel mugs.

3. Ditch disposable straws. Switch to reusable straws and bring them along with your reusable cup. I even have a collapsible reusable straw that fits into a keychain.

4. Ditch disposable shopping bags. Bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping. There are even small mesh reusable bags for your produce. Even if I forgot a reusable bag, I still say no to the plastic.

5. Recycle as much as you can. Such as cardboard, bottles, cans, and plastic.

6. Reduce the amount of meat that you eat. Eating less meat helps to lower your carbon footprint.

7. Reduce your car emissions. If possible carpool, use public transportation, ride a bike, or even walk. This will not only help the planet, but also save you gas money.

8. Shop local. Go to farmers markets, or grow your own food. This saves emissions from your food travelling thousands of miles to get to the store you shop at. Don’t forget to support local small businesses.

9. Wash your clothes in cold water. And even wash them less. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same pair of Jeans multiple times. If you can re wear it, go for it!

10. Thrifting. Buy used clothes, items, furniture. This will save you money and help items to be reused. I love thrifting, and its lowering our eco footprint.

11. Donate. When decluttering, donate whatever can be reused to thrift stores or charities.

12. Ditch disposable plates, such as paper, plastic or styrofoam.

13. Ditch disposable silverware.

14. Ditch disposable coffee pods. Get a reusable k cup filter.

15. Ditch paper towels. There are thin reusable kitchen towels that feel similar to paper towels as an alternative.

16. Ditch dryer sheets. Using reusable wool dryer balls will save you from throwing away one or more dryer sheets per load of laundry.

17. Ditch plastic food wraps. There are reusable beeswax wraps, or cloths that seal your food and minimize the waste.

18. Ditch ziploc bags. Buy reusable sandwich bags that can even be washed.

19. Ditch disposable batteries. Buy reusable batteries and a charger. You’ll always have batteries on hand ready to go, and wont be constantly buying more.

20. Ditch regular lightbulbs. Buy energy efficient LED lightbulbs. The cost is about the same as regular lightbulbs.

Although it can take some investment to become ecological friendly, it is worth the switch. You’d end up spending even more on disposable products in the long run. Save money over time while helping our planet by reducing your eco footprint. I hope this list has encouraged you to reduce your waste and footprint. Together we can make a difference.

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Let me know down in the comments if you already do any of these! Or do you do anything that I didn’t mention?


  • Mrs Beaver

    Excellent tips. We have to be conscious about it and make a habit of being eco aware. Like I seem to keep forgetting to bring my cloth shopping bags when I go shopping. Now I make sure I have some in my car and some on my purse. OH yes. Still drive a car but takes transit regularly too ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท

  • Ashleigh

    Love this so much! Great tips! Wondering if with more people at home right now due to coronavirus if weโ€™ll see any changes in global warming?!

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