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How to Remove Your Hair Dye At Home | DIY Hair Dye Remover with Baking Soda!

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Welcome to my blog! In today’s post, I will be teaching you how to strip colored dye out of your hair without using any bleach. I have used this to bring my hair from dark purple to platinum as well as a faded pink to platinum. My hair was platinum before I colored it, so this mix will only bring your hair back to its original color before the dyes.

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For this DIY we will still be following the same tips used for bleaching your hair, such as: using the mixture right away rather than making it for later, and using the mixture on oily hair rather than freshly washed.

Here are the before and after photos:

DIY Hair Color Remover

Alright, let’s get into the DIY mixture! I have included links to the products I used below.

You will need:

You could create the mix without the dish soap and purple shampoo, but I find it works better with them. The purple shampoo helps to remove brassy tones.


  1. Create a 50/50 mixture with the baking soda and developer.
  2. Add a large squirt of dish soap
  3. Add a large squirt of purple shampoo
  4. Mix it together. It should not be the same consistency as bleach, but a watery, egg white texture.
  5. Apply completely over all colored areas of your hair.
  6. Leave on your hair for around 30 minutes. Check it over the time as it may lighten beforehand.

Note: This will make your hair feel super dry after. I used a deep conditioner a few times and now my hair feels as good as new. My hair feels absolutely nothing like when it is bleached.

Question of the day: Have you ever dyed your hair at home? If so what color?


  • Elfe

    I used 10 vol with the recipe as I didn’t want to lift my natural color. I only have Demi permanent color deposited. It took out about 75% of the color. I washed my hair twice with Aveda shampoo and then conditioned with Aveda hair remedy. My hair feels and looks great!

  • Maple

    Tried on Punky turquoise and it took some out, not all. Will let my hair rest and reattempt maybe with 20 volume next round.

  • Sherry

    I have deep dark brown box color on my hair and have used it for almost 2 years. My natural color is a light brown/ Sandy blond. Will this process take that color out? How soon after this process would you attempt a new color or to go light blond?

    • Lauren Kimler

      I use this mixture to remove Arctic fox hair dye. I am not sure if it will remove your box dye or not. All ideas here are my own unprofessional experiences and opinions.

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