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    How to Work With Brands as a Micro-Influencer or New Blogger

    If you are trying to work with brands for sponsored social media posts or blog posts, then these sites are great to start on. They can help you to get your first few paid posts and you can add these sponsored posts to your media kit. With these apps and websites you can create an account marketing your social media or blog to brands. There will be campaigns posted and you can apply to work with the brand. I have used some of these sites to score my first few sponsored posts! Are you a new blogger? Here is my resource list for must-have blogger tools! How to work with…

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    Month 3 Blogging Goals | May 2020

    This is my third full month blogging and I have already learned that it is super important to set goals. I may not be blogging for an income but I do still have small goals to help me grow my blog. This gives me something to strive for. This is also shows me where I am seeing growth each month, as well as giving me something to look back on. Below I will show you my small blogging goals for month 3. During this month I hope to achieve these:• 1,000 Blog pageviews (reached 833) • 50 Email Newsletter Subscribers (reached 25)• Publish 5 blog posts (3 went up)• Have…