How to Work With Brands as a Micro-Influencer or New Blogger

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If you are trying to work with brands for sponsored social media posts or blog posts, then these sites are great to start on. They can help you to get your first few paid posts and you can add these sponsored posts to your media kit.

With these apps and websites you can create an account marketing your social media or blog to brands. There will be campaigns posted and you can apply to work with the brand. I have used some of these sites to score my first few sponsored posts!

Are you a new blogger? Here is my resource list for must-have blogger tools!

How to work with brands as a micro-influencer:

I suggest choosing one or a few of these sites and perfecting your profile. After that you can send proposals to as many brands as you’d like. This helps you to see which brands are actively looking for influencers and you could directly email them as well.

1. Get Blogged: You can apply for blog opportunities and be sent blogging assignments.

2. Heartbeat: Apply for social media campaigns.

3. Activate.Social: Apply for blog and social media collaborations. You can choose a specific rate to charge in each proposal.

4. Tribe: Apply to create content for brands by sending in a mock post. Take a photo similar to what you would for a sponsored Instagram post for them.

5. Aspire IQ: Apply for blogging and social media campaigns.

6. Brandbassador: Apply to missions to create content for brands.

7. Influence.Co: On the collaboration tab you can apply to work with brands.

8. Brandbacker: On this site you must temporarily add a badge to your blog to verify it and sign up. After verifying your site you can apply to work with brands.

9. IZEAx: Through IZEAx you can access TapInfluence, IZEAtv, and PayPerPost. These sites all connect content creators with brands.

10. Blog Meets Brand: Apply for blogging campaigns. This site does not usually have as many campaigns as the others.

11. Social Fabric: Only open to the US and Canada. You can apply for social media campaigns.

I hope some of these sites will encourage you to start reaching out to brands.

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