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    10 RV Must-Haves for Safety

    Hello and welcome to my blog! In today’s post, we will be talking about 10 items you should have in your RV to maximize your safety. Whether you live in your RV or just travel in it, I recommend having these items. Interested in more of my RV posts? Click here to see them all! And now onto the 10 RV Must-Haves for Safety! 1. Carbon Monoxide Detector This is very important to have as you most likely will not be able to notice a carbon monoxide leak without it. 2. Smoke Alarm Another important thing to keep is always a smoke alarm. It is better to have this little…

  • 3 Reasons to Full-Time RV
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    3 Reasons to Full-Time RV | Why You Should Live in an RV

    Have you been wondering why so many people are selling their houses to live in RVs or even debating doing it yourself? In today‚Äôs blog post I will be talking about a few of the reasons why full-time RV living is becoming so popular. My name is Lauren and I personally joined the full-time RV lifestyle around nine months ago. My reasoning was that I was moving and a travel trailer was easier to acquire than an apartment which would have been over $1,000 in rent a month and not to mention being waitlisted for the apartments. I have since upgraded to a larger fifth wheel and plan on keeping…