Summer Bucket List | 50 Things To Do This Summer

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Are you looking for ideas of what to do this summer? Here is a list of 50 things to do this summer as well as a free summer bucket list printable!

Summer Bucket List | 5o Things To Do This Summer
  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Have a water balloon fight
  4. Have a paint balloon fight
  5. Go to a water park
  6. Visit a theme park
  7. Go berry picking
  8. Make Popsicles
  9. Go fishing
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go hiking
  12. Go stargazing
  13. Watch the sunrise
  14. Watch the sunset
  15. Go camping
  16. Have a BBQ
  17. Go to the farmers market
  18. Go to yard sales
  19. Tie dye some clothes
  20. Create a tan tattoo. An easy way to do this is put sunscreen in the shape you want and leave it while suntanning.
  21. Practice yoga
  22. Paint twister
  23. Visit a museum
  24. Have a spa day
  25. Visit an escape room
  26. Fly kites
  27. Visit a state park
  28. Go biking
  29. Go to a drive in movie
  30. Volunteer
  31. Camp in your yard
  32. Host a dinner party
  33. Take a cooking class
  34. Make homemade ice cream
  35. Make a huge photo collage
  36. Play laser tag
  37. Go bowling
  38. Make a time capsule
  39. Start a flash mob
  40. Start learning a new language
  41. Create a summer playlist
  42. Paint your dog’s toenails
  43. Pull a few all-nighters
  44. Kayaking
  45. Go carting
  46. Zip-lining
  47. Bungee jumping
  48. Run in a marathon
  49. Have an outdoor movie night
  50. Home made slip n slide with tarps and soap

Let me know some of the top things on your summer bucket list in the comments!

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